Friday, June 4, 2010

Titus 2: Basic Sewing, Part 1

You see someone wearing a cute dress or carrying a cute bag, and after the compliment they say, “Oh, I made this!” Or you walk into someone’s house and notice how the window treatments and the cushions on the dining chairs are coordinated and so unique, and again, the hostess lets you in on her secret – “I made it last summer!” Do you feel frustrated, left out, defeated? You don’t have to.

Sewing by machine uses one needle, going up and down, one stitch at a time, primarily in a straight line. If you can hold your fabric steady along a guideline right there on the machine, you can say “I made it!” too. The first step is to open the box and make the acquaintance of your sewing machine. Right there in the box with the machine should be the owner’s manual, and if it’s missing you can probably find it online. It will not only tell you how to use the machine, it will give you the names of all the parts, and will make recommendations on certain sewing actions – how to pick the right needle for any type of fabric, or how to put a buttonhole into your garment. I promise you’ll learn how to sew faster than you could learn any other foreign language.

We won’t go too fast for you. We’ll take most of the mystery out of it the first night. You’ll have something to show for your efforts right away, though you might not think you’ve made anything spectacular. You’ll see. Just bring your machine, even if it’s still in the box.

Thursday, June 10, 6:30 pm, join Laura Vollmer for the first Basic Sewing class as she helps you use your sewing machine. Bring it along! (even if it's still in the box). Experienced sewers are welcome to come and help the novices. In July and August and September there will be followup sessions.


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