Friday, November 19, 2010

Women's Annual Christmas Brunch, December 4th

Join the women of Grace for a time of fellowship and to hear an update on Wheeler Mission's Hebron Ministry.

Date: Saturday, December 4th
Time: 9:30-11:20am
Place: Home of Pastor and Barbara Hult
Brunch will be provided

For our service project, we ask that you buy a gift for the families of the men in Wheeler Mission Ministries' addiction recovery program. Everyone from church (not just women) is invited to participate. We have almost 200 gift requests!
  • Please stop by the WINGS bulletin board and pick an ornament off the "tree."
  • Purchase a gift that is appropriate for the age/gender of the person on the ornament and bring the wrapped gift to the Christmas Brunch.
  • If you are unable to attend the brunch but still would like to purchase a gift, please return your gifts to the Wheeler box by the WINGS bulletin board by Sunday, December 12.
  • Be sure to attach the paper ornament to the gift so it can be matched to the assigned family.
Sign up on the bulletin board at church.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mini-Retreat Reminder!

Don't forget about the WINGS mini-retreat this Saturday! If you didn't register, it's not too late to come join the fun. Consider inviting a friend who would enjoy a refreshing and relaxing day. Read more about it here.

Also, please note a date change for an upcoming Titus 2 event. The "Simple Home Repair" night is now scheduled for October 28th (was the 26th).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mini-Retreat: October 9th, 2010

Renew, Refresh and the Lord!

Women’s Mini-Retreat
Grace Evangelical Church
Saturday, October 9th, 2010, 8:30am-1:00pm

Why a Retreat?
As women fulfilling many roles in our busy lives, we often feel the need to renew, refresh and relax. Join the Women of Grace as we take a morning to seek physical and spiritual refreshment!

What’s in store?
During this mini-retreat we will have some “in house experts” share on the topics of food, nutrition, health, exercise and wellness. They will also give advice on being refreshed as a young mom, and how to maintain intimacy in your marriage.

It will be a fun morning!  After lunch, if you want to stay, we will be wrapping shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  These boxes will be available to the rest of the congregation for our annual collection.

Mini-Retreat Schedule
8:30am    Continental Breakfast
9:00am    Personal Pampering
9:45am    Breakout Session One
10:45am    Breakout Session Two
11:45am    General Session: Encouragement for Personal Spiritual Renewal
12:15pm    Lunch*
1-2:00pm    Service Project (optional): Wrapping Shoe Boxes for Samaritan’s Purse

*Lunch will be provided and included in the cost of registration ($5.00)

Childcare is not provided for this event

Please return registration by Sunday October 3

Breakout Sessions
Choose two! (scheduling will be determined based on interest)

Cooking for Fun, while Watching Your Weight
“Weight Watchers and Paula Deen combined” Shelli Engle and Cindy Gregory

Wellness and Exercise - A healthy life worth living, and fun, too!
“Run a 5K with my husband, you bet!” Ann Bumb

Keeping Refreshed as a Young Mom, through Pregnancy and the Early Years
“Knowledge is power when making confident decisions regarding your health and your child.”  Join R.N.s who work in NICU, labor and delivery and pediatrics - Leigh Hopper, Sandra Randall and Anita Stevens

Sitting at His Feet--Renewing Your Mind Daily
“Devotions as a spiritual oasis in the middle of a desert” Becky Gluff

Relaxing Massage
“How can massage benefit me?” Terry Stigdon

Intimacy - Renew your thoughts in God’s View of Sex
“Whose idea was this? Yes, God’s!” Barbara Hult

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Titus 2: Event Canceled

Please note the Unfinished Projects/Sewing Night this week (Aug 12th) has been canceled.

Hope to see you Friday, August 20th at 6:30pm for the Supper Sampler!

Click here for more upcoming events.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Titus 2: What to do with Zucchini and Tomatoes

Please join us for a Titus 2 night, Tuesday, July 27th at 6:30 at the cafe. We will be sharing recipes for all of those zucchinis and tomatoes that you have in your garden or that you might pick up at your local farmer's market. Donna Huff will be demonstrating two recipes and we will all get to taste them! Please come and fellowship and if you have any recipes to share please bring those along!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Titus 2: Upcoming Events!

Take a look at what's coming up this summer and fall!


27th - What to do with Zucchini and Tomatoes (Donna Huff and Gretchen Jaynes)
Come for recipes and samples to try

12th - Unfinished Projects Night + Baby Blocks
Bring your projects that need finishing! Also, Laura Vollmer will be leading a baby block sewing project for those interested.

20th - Supper Sampler Night
Make and bring your favorite recipe and taste other favorite recipes as well. It will be a time to fellowship and gather new recipes!

9th - Unfinished Projects Night + How to read a pattern
Learn to read a sewing pattern or just bring your project that needs finishing

28th - Emergency Preparedness (Cristi DeHoff)

28th - Simple Home Repair (Nicole Georgen and others)

11th - Holiday Enjoyment
Enjoy the busy holidays! Learn more about make ahead meals, how to wrap gifts, etc.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mom's Connect: July 15 REMINDER

Don't forget about this week's Mom's Connect at the playground!

Thursday, July 15
10:00 am

Southport Presbyterian Church playground
(Rain? Cristi DeHoff's home)

Contact Michele McGill or Nicole Georgen for more information on our bi-monthly get togethers.

Lessons from My Garden

God's Purpose for Gardens

Beauty (pleasing to the sight)
Nutrition (good for food)
Life (tree of the knowledge of good and evil)
Genesis 2:8-9 8. And the LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed. 9. And out of the ground the LORD God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Lessons from My Garden-

1. Look at what grows well in others’ gardens
Who do you look up to spiritually? What are the spiritual disciplines they practice to bring stability and glory to God in their lives?

2 Timothy 2:2, Psalm 119:165, 1 Corinthians 10:31

2. Ask a friend or stranger- most are willing to share their gardeneing successes and failures
Who is your Paul or Timothy?

Philippians 4:9 The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things; and the God of peace shall be with you.

3. Plan for growth
What is your plan to grow in Christ? How are you sharing what you know about God? Matthew 28:20; Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

4. Be patient- it may take a season or two for growth, but you must keep up the maintenance!
Psalm 1:1-3, Delight in the law of the Lord, day and night, and your leaf shall not wither!
Galatians 6:9 And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap, if we do not grow weary.

And always remember... Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Titus 2: Basic Sewing, Part 2 REMINDER

This Thursday, July 8th 6:30-8:15pm will be the next basic sewing class. It is designed for beginners, but anyone may attend. We will be measuring, marking, cutting and sewing a reversible table runner for your table.

If you would like to make your own table runner, remember to measure the longest side of your table and bring following items (many items can be borrowed if you don't have them).
  • Sewing machine
  • Two yards of two different (but complimentary) fabrics at least 44" wide (depending on the size of runner you want). Cotton or cotton/polyester is preferred for beginners.
  • Spool of thread to match fabrics
  • Any desired embellishments (ribbon, tassels, rick rack, etc.)
  • Straight pins, pin cushion
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Marking pencil/chalk
Feel free to attend to just observe or assist if you have some experience.

See the original post here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Salad Luncheon, July 10th

Looking for something to do this Saturday?
How about a glass of lemonade under a shade tree?
Would you like to meet a new friend or catch up with an old one?
Do you have a gardening tip or "growing experience" to share?
Would you enjoy a leisurely stroll through a woodland garden?

Come enjoy lunch and gardens at the Hults' house this Saturday, July 10th from 11am-1pm.

We will be making a "pitch in" taco salad, so please bring an ingredient for the salad or bring a dessert. Wear comfortable shoes if you would like to enjoy a garden tour.

If you forgot to sign up at church, please still feel free to come!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tomorrow Night - Titus 2: Emergency Preparedness

Join the ladies of Grace at the Titus 2 event tomorrow evening at 6:30pm. It will be a great time to learn more about the importance of being prepared and how you can better prepare yourself, your home and your family!

Check out the original post here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Titus 2: Sewing, Part 2

The Titus 2 first beginning sewing class went exceptionally well. We had a handful of ladies with their sewing machines and owner's manuals attend. Everyone learned something new -- even me! Who would have thought that space age technology would have been used on the humble gears of a sewing machine? Of course, it WAS European. Ahem.

The next sewing class is still for beginners, but anyone may attend. We will be measuring, marking, cutting and sewing a reversible table runner for your table.

What to bring...
To prepare for it, attendees must do a little homework. First, measure the longest side of your dining table (or the table you want to sew for). For round tables, just measure the diameter (how long it is across the middle). Keep that measurement in mind for the class. Then purchase (or find in your stash of unused fabric) two yards each of two different (but complimentary) fabrics that are on a bolt at least 44" wide. They ought to be cotton or cotton/polyester. If you are more adventurous, check the home decorator fabrics and look for flannel-backed vinyl, or something brocade. These bolts are usually 56" wide and will afford you more extra fabric for placemats or other items you wish to make.

Also bring a spool of thread that matches the fabric, and bring it to class. If you'd like to add embellishments (such as ribbon or tassels or rick-rack) select those things and bring them along. Straight pins in a pin cushion will also be helpful, as will fabric scissors (these would be the sharpest scissors in your house that you diligently protect from use on such things as plastic blister packs or flower stems), a tape measure and a marking pencil or chalk. Don't worry if you don't have all these things -- there will be some on hand at class as well. Once you know how to make your table runner, you can use leftover fabric to make matching place mats -- the steps are the same; just the shape is different.

And don't forget your sewing machine and owners manual! We could also use a couple ironing boards and irons.

At the class...
Due to the fact that there will be variations in the amount of time each person may take to accomplish each step in class, early birds may begin as soon as they arrive, and although the class will be addressed step by step as a group, individual progress will be assisted. The Lord provided helpers at the last meeting who were gracious and good company, and I trust He will watch over our efforts in our next class as well. Even better than a make-it and take-it sewing class, these events are a place where the love of Christ is exhibited and friendships can flourish. Please attend, even if you don't have a machine. To tell you the truth, I never got to sew until I was out of my mother's house -- she made the things I selected, pinned, marked and cut -- the preparation for the machine! So see you there!

Thursday, July 8th, 6:30-8:15pm, join Laura Vollmer for the 2nd Basic Sewing class as she helps you use your sewing machine to make a table runner. Experienced sewers are welcome to come and help the novices.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TItus 2: Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared in a world that isn’t...

As women, wives, and mothers, we spend a lot of our time preparing. There's dinner, laundry, telling the kids not to talk to strangers, getting ready for church, getting ready for the storm, preparing for the baby, the graduation, the wedding.

A lot of us have prepared for eternity by accepting Christ as our Savior. Is there really more to get ready for?! Yes.

I am surrounded by Disney and Veggie Tales most of every day, so my exposure to the news and current events is limited at best. However, even I know there are things going on that will scare almost anyone.

My husband has been trying to get me and has finally won. Well, he already has me, but my desire to prepare my house and family for a reality that may be in our future. While trying to maintain a God-like perspective while still on earth, we have been working to save and stock our house for a worst of the worst case scenarios.

I will try to convey the urgency about this preparedness as we should have about telling others about the Gospel. As well as giving some ideas and how-to plans I will also have some recipes for you to take home, and a few items that may make your life easier now!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 6:30 pm, join Cristi Dehoff to learn more about preparing yourself, your home and your family for emergencies and worst case scenarios.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

TONIGHT! - Titus 2: Basic Sewing, Part 1

Don't forget about the Titus 2 event tonight at 6:30pm. Read more about it here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Titus 2: Emergency Preparedness

Tuesday, June 22, 6:30 pm, join Cristi DeHoff as she shares some thoughts about family preparedness. While the most important thing is to prepare your soul for eternity, there are still many things to prepare for here on earth. Come and find out how - and why - to prepare your house & family for 'worst case scenarios' that could happen to any or all of us.

Mom's Connect: July 15th

Moms, come join us on Thursday, July 15, at 10:00 a.m. for a time to connect with other moms at Southport Presbyterian Church playground. Kids of all ages will enjoy this multi-age level playground as moms enjoy getting to know one another better. In the event of rain, we will be meeting at Cristi DeHoff's home. Contact Michele McGill or Nicole Georgen for more information on our bi-monthly get togethers.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Titus 2: Basic Sewing, Part 1

You see someone wearing a cute dress or carrying a cute bag, and after the compliment they say, “Oh, I made this!” Or you walk into someone’s house and notice how the window treatments and the cushions on the dining chairs are coordinated and so unique, and again, the hostess lets you in on her secret – “I made it last summer!” Do you feel frustrated, left out, defeated? You don’t have to.

Sewing by machine uses one needle, going up and down, one stitch at a time, primarily in a straight line. If you can hold your fabric steady along a guideline right there on the machine, you can say “I made it!” too. The first step is to open the box and make the acquaintance of your sewing machine. Right there in the box with the machine should be the owner’s manual, and if it’s missing you can probably find it online. It will not only tell you how to use the machine, it will give you the names of all the parts, and will make recommendations on certain sewing actions – how to pick the right needle for any type of fabric, or how to put a buttonhole into your garment. I promise you’ll learn how to sew faster than you could learn any other foreign language.

We won’t go too fast for you. We’ll take most of the mystery out of it the first night. You’ll have something to show for your efforts right away, though you might not think you’ve made anything spectacular. You’ll see. Just bring your machine, even if it’s still in the box.

Thursday, June 10, 6:30 pm, join Laura Vollmer for the first Basic Sewing class as she helps you use your sewing machine. Bring it along! (even if it's still in the box). Experienced sewers are welcome to come and help the novices. In July and August and September there will be followup sessions.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer 2010- Mark Your Calendars!

SUMMER STUDY- begins this Wednesday Evening, 6:45-8:45 pm.  We are doing the Beth Moore study, Inheritance.  No homework!  Cost for books is $7.00.  Contact the church office for more information.

TITUS 2 EVENTS- There are two events scheduled each month this summer. 
  • Thursday, June 10, 6:30 pm, join Laura Vollmer as she helps you use your sewing machine.  Bring it along! (even if it's still in the box).  Experienced sewers are welcome to come and help the novices.  In July and August there will be followup sessions.
  • Tuesday, June 22, 6:30 pm, join Cristi DeHoff as she shares some thoughts about family preparedness.  Do you have a "plan" for your family?  If you've never thought about this, come for some great ideas!
SALAD LUNCHEON- Saturday July 10- Salad Luncheon at Barbara Hult's. Enjoy "Lessons From My Garden".  We will be having a Taco Salad Pitch-In.  See bulletin board for signups. If garden tour is desired, wear comfortable shoes. If you like hostas and shade, or a bench by the creek you won't be disappointed!

WINGS Leadership Meeting

This Tuesday, June 1 at 6:30 at Grace, there is a WINGS Leadership Meeting.  This is open to any woman at grace interested in helping plan WINGS ministry opportunities.